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     I needed a cleaning company to come very last minute and TwickenhamCarpetCleaners were so good about it. They offered me a same and next day slot, and were extremely flexible about timings, which was so good for me.
Wayne Hakan19/05/2020
     What you get with Carpet Cleaning Twickenham is an excellent cleaning service at a fair price.
Connor G.19/09/2019
     Love coming home to a clean and tidy house, and it wouldn't be possible without the cleaners at Twickenham Carpet Cleaning Services.
Nigel Newell10/06/2019
     Whenever a friend asks me to recommend a cleaning company, I always suggest Carpet Cleaning Company Twickenham. They've helped me numerous times with different cleaning dilemmas in both the home and the office. They're simply the best!
Edward Kelly31/05/2016
     I can't thank Carpet Cleaning Twickenham enough for the expert bathroom clean they provided me with. They thoroughly removed any trace of dirt, dust and germs from my bathroom. They made it clean and sanitary. They put in a lot of effort and gave me results better than I could expect. If you are looking for a top local bathroom cleaning team, then look no further.
Harriet Kelly31/07/2015
     I was trying out a new Mexican food recipe and the salsa dip accidentally spilled all over the floor. I was devastated as it is a cream coloured carpet when my husband suggested that we should hire a cleaning company to help us. Carpet Cleaning Company Twicken didn't hesitate to help us as much as they could and we managed to salvage our carpet. Thank you so very much.
     I'm not in great shape anymore, so exerting myself is both difficult and risky. That being said though, my age shouldn't play a role in the cleanliness of my home. TwickenhamCarpetCleaners were just around the corner, and they were there when I needed them. Their cleaners are not only experts at what they do, but they are sociable and friendly too. They did a fine job tackling the hard to reach and hard to clean places, and their prices were not bad either! I found nothing to complain about - they were considerate, inexpensive and dependable. I will certainly be hiring them again in the future.
Patrick A.21/08/2014
     Every month I used to do my routine deep clean at home which included a really intense clean, moving everything and getting to all of those hard to reach places, unfortunately after my recent knee operation I have been unable to bend down properly to be able to do this job effectively. Due to my restricted mobility I knew it was time to call in some help so I tried a company called TwickenhamCarpetCleaners as a one-off to see how they perform. I must say they do a remarkable job; I'm very pleased with how professional, respective of my things and polite they are so much so I know use their services on a monthly basis.
Irene P.08/05/2014
     I've always struggled to keep my home clean and ever since I was a child with a messy bedroom I have hated cleaning. Now I'm in my own house I have been using TwickenhamCarpetCleaners and they have been leaving all areas of my home looking lovely and clean for an affordable fee. They are very professional and experienced and always turned up on time. They really never let me down, and I am stunned at how quickly and brilliantly they work. I have already recommended them to all of my friends and family who are jealous of my new found freedom.
Emma C.08/04/2014
     As I have grown older the services of TwickenhamCarpetCleaners have become more and more important to me. They used to simply come and clean the bathroom once a week, but that has now moved on to a full house clean as I am just not able to do it myself. What I really appreciate however is how lovely all the staff are, and I know I can trust them in my home and to do a fantastic job. Week upon week they turn up right on time and proceed to put my house in order just the way I like it. Having people you can trust is really important at my age, and I would recommend.
R. Lewisham30/01/2014
     I really enjoy having a professional cleaner because it means I have more time to spend doing what I want to do, instead of having to waste away hours scrubbing and mopping! I hired TwickenhamCarpetCleaners to help me get my home looking professionally clean and I have to say they did a great job. I didn't think I'd be getting as great a service as I did because I've used much more expensive cleaning services in the past, but none of them have even come close to being as good as this one! This is an inexpensive and really professional service that will make your home look like it's worth a million pounds!
     When my wife went back to work after having our first child, our house became really messy and unclean. She wanted to hire a professional cleaner, but I didn't think we'd be able to afford it. Someone suggested TwickenhamCarpetCleaners to us, and, although I wasn't sure at first, I really think it was the best decision we could have made! Now we have an affordable and reliable cleaner who can keep our home nice and tidy without us having to worry. I get to spend all of time with my family without having to worry - it's amazing, thank you so much!
Ian James17/12/2013

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